The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

Greetings world! My name is Samuel Jarman and I am a student at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, Ontario. As I write this initial blog post I am in the middle of preparing for my first final exam period at the CAO (I should really be studying right now!).

I just want to take a brief moment and give the world an idea of what to expect from this blog. First, this blog is going to be written by current students of the CAO with guest appearances by CAO graduates. Second, this blog will be a place where not only do we speak about the science of Osteopathy but also the experiences that students of Classical Osteopathy have at the CAO. Third, this blog will endeavor to create a clear understanding of what Classical Osteopathy actually is and why it is important to support Claasical Osteopathy in Ontario.

At times this blog will deal with the history of Classical Osteopathy. At times this blog will deal with the current state of Classical Osteopathy. When it is necessary I plan on sticking my neck out in the political fire to ensure that the public is aware of what logical therapy is all about (and I invite the future writers of this blog to do the same).

Be prepared for a lot of interesting pieces on Classical Osteopathy. Be very prepared for a lot of writing on Osteopathic principles (after all, they are the basis of Classical Osteopathy!).

Before this blog goes any further I would like to take this opportunity to say that I will be lookijg to the early American Osteopaths more than anything else. The first person I need to point to is Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy.The other individuals I will write about will be those that worked directly with Dr. Still. Many of my thoughts and ideas will be directly influenced by Robert Johnston (principal of the CAO and my primary teacher).

It is with great excitement that I begin to shed some light on the practice of Classical Osteopathy in Ontario and around the world!

Ps. if you would like to browse some articles that I have already been blessed to publish in relation to Osteopathy in other places click here, here, and here.


6 thoughts on “The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

  1. Hi! Came across your blog while looking up one of your instructors. Great idea! I hope you keep posting. This is a great way to inadvertently study, it might even be fun! My boyfriend currently is in his 3rd year there. Good luck!! I’ll be starting in a few years too!!! So get this blog filled in so I can get a good head start!!


    • Thank you for the kind words! It is proving to be an interesting challenge to get posts up with all of the studying I have to do even though I am done my in-class semester. I am,definitely going to keep getting posts up here as often as I can. Good luck to you when you do start at the CAO!

  2. Hi. I’m korean physical therapist & interested in osteopathy. So this blog is very exciting.
    Thank you for your work!!!

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