Osteopathic Structural Diagnosis: An Evolving Understanding

As an Osteopathic student (and future Operator) it is imperative that I am able to perform an Osteopathic Structural Diagnosis. What is an Osteopathic Structural Diagnosis? I will do my best to explain with my current knowledge. Continue reading

Why Dermatomes Matter

According to Hilton’s Law, the nerve that innervates the muscles of a joint often innervates the skin on the distal end of the joint. Why does this matter? In Osteopathy there is a need to understand anatomy as an operator interacts with it. It is important to know the nerve that innervates the skin that you are touching so that, if there is an issue with the skin or any tissue underneath it, the operator can begin to understand the path or root of the lesion that is being examined. Continue reading