What Osteopathy Has Done For Me

As an Osteopathic student, I think it is safe to say that Osteopathy has had a major impact on my life. I had been working in an inter-disciplinary clinic for almost three years before I started class at the Canadian Academy Of Osteopathy. Before Osteopathy I was a Kinesiologist without a path, without desire, without meaning in my work. Due to some very personal motivation I found the CAO in a way that could best be described as serendipitous. I was looking for a way to improve my skills as a health care provider and I found a program, a profession, and a philosophy that has already changed my life (I have barely even started this journey but the differences are massive). Continue reading


Why the Long Lever?

Before I explain why the long lever is used in Osteopathy, I should probably explain what it is. The long lever is essentially the use of the arms or legs to mobilize/manipulate any part of the body. I should be slightly more technically accurate and say that the long lever is the use of a body part that is distant from, but directly related to, the part being mobilized (the sacrum can be used as a long lever for the thoracic spine if you know how to do it). Continue reading

Osteopathic Connections: Musculoskeletal Musings

My intention with this post, and similar ones going forwards, is to provide a glimpse of what the Osteopathic lens will allow people to see. At the moment I am going to speak about a connection that I noticed by chance while studying for my online anatomy and physiology exam. I was flipping through my Principles of Anatomy and Physiology when I saw a diagram of the muscles of the thorax. Continue reading