That Was A Good Challenge! Now For A New One!

So I have been busy writing about ribs…amongst other things. I am finally venturing out in to the world of full fledged Osteopathic practice! I am putting this out as a post mostly to speak to the power of the program of education I have entered in to. Within less than a year of starting my education at the CAO I have found a way to enter in to practice with a deep and effective treatment tool box that is ever growing under the tutelage of teachers with the highest standards. Continue reading


I Have Had Enough! The Twelfth Rib

Finally at the twelfth rib! The twelfth rib is a floating rib (as is the eleventh) due to having no attachment to the sternum. As with the eleventh rib, the twelfth acts very much as a fulcrum for the ribs above when its inferior musculature contracts to fix it in place. Continue reading

Almost Done: The Eleventh Rib

The eleventh rib is the first rib that does not articulate with the sternum in any way. The eleventh rib has only one articulation with the facet of the eleventh thoracic vertebrae. The eleventh rib is highly invested in musculature and displays marked mobility that is often checked by the musculature that attaches on its inferior surface. Continue reading

The Tenth Rib

Marion Clark describes the tenth rib as a peculiar rib due to the fact that it only has one articulating facet with the body of the tenth thoracic vertebrae. The tenth rib is also a false rib as it articulates with the common costal cartilage and not the sternum. The tenth rib is quite mobile. Continue reading

Fine Rib Nine

Now we are at the ninth rib. The ninth rib is a false rib and exhibits essentially the same effects as a lesion of the eighth rib. Marion Clark does very little writing on the ninth rib due to the similarities to the eighth rib (I will do the regular run down of associated structures though!). Continue reading

Time To Get False: The Eighth Rib

The first of the false ribs…how is that? The eighth rib, and those below, are considered false as they do not articulate directly with the sternum but with the common costal cartilage. As a result of the attachment to the costal cartilage the eighth rib is fairly mobile (as are the ribs below it – until you get to the eleventh and twelfth ribs). The movement characteristics can be described as a bucket handle, or upwards and outwards on inhalation and downwards and inwards on inhalation. Continue reading

Keep On Trucking: The Seventh Rib

By now you may be asking yourself “how can every rib have associated health issues?”. My response: every condition anyone can get has to happen somewhere inside of the body, aka everything has a location. As with the sixth rib, the seventh rib is primarily associated with the liver and stomach. A lesion of the left seventh rib is primarily associated with the stomach while the liver will be affected by the rib on the associated side (the liver is big so it can be affected on either side). Continue reading