That Was A Good Challenge! Now For A New One!

So I have been busy writing about ribs…amongst other things. I am finally venturing out in to the world of full fledged Osteopathic practice! I am putting this out as a post mostly to speak to the power of the program of education I have entered in to. Within less than a year of starting my education at the CAO I have found a way to enter in to practice with a deep and effective treatment tool box that is ever growing under the tutelage of teachers with the highest standards.

A year ago I was a person wandering blindly through the ether. Now I am entering the world as a true professional in a clinic staffed with Naturopathic Doctors, Registered Massage Therapists, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. To say that I have access to a full spectrum of health care is an understatement. I firmly believe in Osteopathy as a stand alone form of physical medicine that can aid any condition anyone will ever encounter. At the same time I am realistic enough to recognize that there are some things that my hands can not touch…such as a patient’s diet and lifestyle habits or emotional trauma. I am lucky enough to have Naturopathic Doctors that can aid my patient’s with those forms of interventions.

To relate my professional working situation to Osteopathic principles I will invoke the idea of reciprocally related structure and function. I am being trained in physical medicine, my structure and function are that of dealing with disease via physically based rational treatment. The ND’s that I will work with at the Naturopathic Clinic on HWY 7 are trained to deal with conditions on a wider spectrum using various modalities (including behavioral and lifestyle counseling as well as nutritional interventions). A good way to look at the relationship between myself and my colleagues is to say that they will deal with what you put in your body that will have healing influences and I will deal with what is contained in your body to create healing influences.

Instead of just shamelessly plugging my own practice I want to take this opportunity to invite all of my Osteopathic colleagues to send me their contact information so I can post their practices on this site as well. I aim to promote Classical Osteopathy as vigorously as possible and I need your help so that the public can find you! We are not going to help patients if they do not know that we exist or how to find us. Help me spread the word. I have attached a contact form at the bottom of this post so send me your information and I will get busy creating a link page for our Classical Osteopathy practices.

Now for the shameless plug! You can find me at:

Naturopathic Clinic on Hwy 7.
350 Hwy 7 East, Richmond Hill, On, Suite 211
L4B 3N2
905 889 3640


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