Natural Laws: Eat The Food We Are Built To Eat

I was lucky enough to stumble across this video on Robb Wolf’s site. Please watch it and listen carefully! This MD had Multiple Sclerosis that was advanced to the point of needing a zero gravity wheelchair. Listen to Dr. Terry Wahls talk about her journey and her reasoning behind choosing the route that she did. I will add my own commentary after you watch the video.

Dr. Wahls took to the “common” treatment method of drugs and chemotherapy with no results. She dug a little deeper and eventually looked to the internet to find out about the paleo/primal diet principles. I have written about both of these before and I will reiterate that they are using natural laws to promote health. The idea is feed the human body the fuel it is built to run on and you will have the building blocks for health. For me as an Osteopathic Manual Therapist I know that joining good nutrition with Osteopathy will help promote health in a way that no drug can. By employing Osteopathy to remove the physical basis of disease works better if the patient engages in behaviors that will promote health. The most common behavior that impacts health is eating. Most people eat 3 times a day, 21 times a week, 84 times a month, and so on. Patients that fuel themselves properly will benefit from any health care more and Osteopathic Manual Therapy will ensure the physical side of the problems are taken care of. Osteopathy will make sure that the vascular highway will be cleared to deliver the nutrition to all tissues and that all waste products can be removed from the tissues and excreted.

Osteopathy views a person as a fully integrated unit of body, mind, and spirit. All things that a person does impacts all other aspects of their existence. As far as my experience has told me an active lifestyle, an appropriate diet, and Osteopathic Manual Therapy are the best combination to bring out the health inside of anyone. The take away message: move often (you are built to do it), eat what you are built to eat, and make sure your body is aligned so that all of your parts work at their peak (this is where Osteopathy comes in).

Live with respect for your nature and you will find your inner health.


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