Keep Digging in 2012

So, the holidays and starting my practice took me out of my writing mode – obviously! Now I am continuing with building my practice in Richmond Hill and I am going to get back on the writing wagon as well! Here are the big picture things I want to accomplish with this blog in 2012:

– Continue reviewing the work of Marion Clark (I invite anyone to contribute to this project – I am looking at you CAO students 😉

– Continue providing general information about Classical Osteopathy

– Begin a series of posts called “spot the lesion”

The “spot the lesion” series is something I want to do as I was at the Royal Ontario Museum on January 1st and I was looking at various skeletons when my Osteopathic Principles took hold of me. I was looking at bones to determine their purpose – what types of movements they would have produced. As I was doing this I was looking at a sauropod skeleton and I noticed a lesion – I will post the pictures as the first “spot the lesion” entry. I also continuously noticed how clear attachment points and articulations display the movement characteristics of a joint. Dr. Still obviously knew what he was saying! The trip reinforced that Osteopathic Principles are essentially universal throughout animal life. For any Osteopaths/Osteopathic students out there, take a trip to a museum and look at the skeletons with an Osteopathic lens – you will be amazed.

Onwards and upwards for 2012. Let us continue digging together!


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