Spot The Lesion 2

Time for the second installment of “Spot The Lesion”! This time we will take a look at the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. Usain has a history of back problems and has had quite a bit of therapy to deal with it. Let us turn our Osteopathic lens on Mr. Bolt and see what we come up with!

Now, as Osteopaths we use both static and dynamic assessments and we rely on the dynamic findings as the gold standard. That being said, look at the pictures I have provided and then watch the video. After examining all of the evidence go to the comment section at the bottom of the page and share your findings! This is another chance for my colleagues to show off a little bit. If possible, call out reasons for your findings with regards to Mr. Bolt’s lesion pattern – prove your findings with the evidence provided!

Now take a look at the video!

Keep on digging!


6 thoughts on “Spot The Lesion 2

  1. Me again…

    The most obvious, and rather jaw dropping, is the hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine. His ribs are practically hanging over his toes! I think it looks sidebent right as well. He almost seems to walk with a kind of stumping on the left, as if the right leg were shorter.

    The hyperlordosis will be from his chosen sport. the running would put the pelvis in an anterior tilt, with a lot of compression moving through the lumbar spine as it springs with the force of striking the ground. Perhaps lack of spring, at this point…

      • Yes it is scoliosis and he has adapted to his condition and maybe that’s what make him push harder. There are some scoliosis that does not not advance especially when they are born that way. His condition is however mild though

      • Mr. Bolt’s scoliosis has actually showed up as various injuries including those that gave him trouble earlier this season. He is an amazing athlete especially considering that his spinal curvature creates constant global imbalances. One of the reasons he has had so much success since working with his current coach, Glen Mills, is that Mr. Mills has paid consistent attention to the scoliotic curve.

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