The Ninth Thoracic Vertebra

The ninth dorsal segment is next on the list for my Marion Clark exploration. A lesion of the ninth dorsal is most often an anterior displacement or a torsion according to Clark. Considering the rotational and flexion bias of the dorsal vertebrae this should be fairly clear. From a pathology point of view the anterior displacement is more likely problematic due to the decrease of size in the intervertebral foramina. Continue reading

The Tenth Thoracic Vertebra

If you are reading Marion Clark’s book, this is one of the easier chapters to summarize…because he does it for you. I will provide that summary as well as some other thoughts (as I am prone to do). Continue reading

It Is All About The Framework

Life keeps us all busy, I am definitely not exempt from that reality. In my absence from posting recently I have come across some very interesting videos that I think would do anyone in healthcare a great deal of good to watch. Before I share these videos I would like to say that knowledge comes about with a good understanding of the principles of what you are attempting to learn. This is as true of Osteopathy as it is of physics, economics, or nutrition. I will post the videos below along with some brief thoughts. Continue reading

Still In The Junction: The Eleventh Thoracic Vertebra

I haven’t forgotten my Osteopathic terminology – the only time I will use the term thoracic in place of dorsal is in the title of my posts! It is now time to continue up the column to the eleventh dorsal segment. Continue reading