It Is All About The Framework

Life keeps us all busy, I am definitely not exempt from that reality. In my absence from posting recently I have come across some very interesting videos that I think would do anyone in healthcare a great deal of good to watch. Before I share these videos I would like to say that knowledge comes about with a good understanding of the principles of what you are attempting to learn. This is as true of Osteopathy as it is of physics, economics, or nutrition. I will post the videos below along with some brief thoughts.

This video is a great example of how an overarching idea allows what you are studying make sense. In understanding that the brain is built to control complex movement then the structure and related function becomes much more clear. I have long believed that EVERY part of the human body is built to MOVE. Not only is every part of the human body built to move, it is built to move in preferential ways. As a challenge I would suggest looking at the cervical and brachial plexus to determine how many nerves are tasked with bringing the arms towards the mid-line vs. away from the mid-line (think of adduction vs. abduction, internal rotation vs. external rotation, etc.). Also, if you have some extra time on your hands, try to figure how much muscular tissue is dedicated to bringing the arm towards the mid-line vs. away from the mid-line. I have done this and I will share my insights if anyone is interested (it is pretty clear that we are built to preferentially move our arms in a specific way).

The second video is of Robb Wolf giving a lecture on the Paleo Template. I am unable to embed this video so click HERE to watch it. The first 10 minutes of this lecture are very important as Robb makes a very clear case that there are problems with our healthcare system. We have the wrong framework and it is blatantly obvious. We are all wasting money on methods that are absolutely blind shots in the dark. Our bodies are built to be healthy IF we live with respect to the way we are built. This sounds very similar to the basic PRINCIPLES of Osteopathy – structure and function are reciprocally related and the human body has the inherent capacity to defend, repair, and remodel itself. If we do not do what we are built to do our bodies will not work the way they are supposed to work. This is a natural law.

Please, if you have the time to watch these videos do so. They are very enlightening.

The principles of Osteopathy are what makes practicing it worthwhile – without the principles it becomes a mess of technique that leads nowhere. Without a proper framework healthcare cost BILLIONS of dollars, with a proper framework no one would have to spend anything more than what they already pay for groceries. Do not abandon the principles of Osteopathy.


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