The Problem With Pressure

Now that you have read Pressure and More Pressure I will start speaking about the problem with pressure. The problem with anything in the human body is that there are ideal ranges and any time things occur outside of the ideal range for an extended period of time pathology begins (this is a physiological reality – by now you should understand that it is a natural reality that applies to everything). Pressure is the universal driving mechanism behind allowing a situation to stay outside of the ideal ranges for an extended period of time. Continue reading

More Pressure

If you are reading this post please be sure that you read its predecessor, Pressure. Reading the previous article will provide you with the basic buy-in to understand where I am going and where I am coming from with the rest of this post. Now that I have that out of the way let me start saying something worth reading (!). Continue reading


If you are reading this I will assume that you are human (or at least that you live on earth). Since I am assuming that, I will also assume that you are firmly planted to the ground (or some surface that is firmly planted to the ground). You are planted to the ground because of gravity. Simple concepts. Now I will bring to light some other simple concepts so that our bodies make more sense. Continue reading

Mechanical Connections: Talus to Sacrum

As I work through my current academic semester at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy I am confronted with a lot of work and little time to dedicate to anything else…which is perfect! I continue to look for information worth sharing so here I go – while listening to an anatomy lecture I had (to me at least) an interesting epiphany, the fibular head has the possibility to affect the sacrum. Continue reading