If you are reading this I will assume that you are human (or at least that you live on earth). Since I am assuming that, I will also assume that you are firmly planted to the ground (or some surface that is firmly planted to the ground). You are planted to the ground because of gravity. Simple concepts. Now I will bring to light some other simple concepts so that our bodies make more sense.

As ballpark figures: the line between the atmosphere and outer space is about 100 km above sea level (328,000 feet), 3/4 of our atmosphere (really, the gases that make it up) is 11 km above sea level (36,000 feet), Mount Everest’s peak is 8,848 meters above sea level (29,029 feet), high altitude is sometimes considered to begin at 2,400 meters above sea level (8,000 feet), and at 1,500 meters above sea level (4,900 feet) there are medical effects on human beings. The numbers I want to focus on primarily are: 36,000 feet above sea level and 4,900 feet above sea level.

36,000 feet is essentially the downward air pressure constantly placed on everything on the ground (this obviously changes depending on the elevation and I will explain why that is important). Regardless of altitude there is a column of air pressing DOWN on all humans on the planet. This pressure affects us! We are built SPECIFICALLY to respond to this column of air that presses down on us. Don’t believe me? We are adapted to exert internal pressure against the atmospheric pressure so that we neither implode or explode…seriously. Take a human above 4,900 feet and the air pressure starts to change…it becomes harder to breathe. Many people will say there is less oxygen at altitude and that is not exactly correct – there is less PRESSURE at altitude which means all of our wonderful anatomy and physiology that is adapted to the pressure at sea level will not work the same because there is a pressure change.

Okay, I want to make something clear – EVERYTHING IN THE HUMAN BODY MOVES BECAUSE OF PRESSURE GRADIENTS. Respiration is not active in a true sense, the diaphragm (most of the time) and accessory respiratory muscles (some of the time) contract to alter the dimensions of the thoracic cage to create an area of pressure lower than that of the atmosphere and then air fills the vacuum in the lungs. The muscles of respiration relax (or contract depending on which ones we are talking about) to increase pressure in the thoracic cage to a point that it is higher than that of the atmosphere and air is “forced” out (it might also be said to be sucked out by the atmospheric pressure). All fluid in the body, blood, lymph, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and so on, moves on pressure gradients. The shoulder is held to the thorax through negative pressure.

Now we know that pressure matters to human bodies. Now we know that we are built to exist within a range of pressure that usually finds us under 36,000 feet of air. Now we know that everything in the human body requires pressure gradients to move. I will add that we must move our bodies to maintain a lot of those pressure gradients.

PLEASE CONSIDER THE PARAGRAPH ABOVE AND LOOK UP ANY OF THE INFORMATION THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE OR THAT YOU DO NOT BELIEVE BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER. Imagine what might happen to a body that is bending ever so slightly to the right or left at any point along the spinal column. Imagine what happens to the liver if a person is bent to the right in their thoracic spine. Imagine what would happen to the blood to and from the liver. I will tell you that the laws of physics and functional anatomy will tell us that any deviation from the intended functional neutral will affect something (in the case of bending to the right there will be mechanical compression of the liver itself as well as the blood flow to and from it which is a much bigger problem than you might think).

If you have read this far, thank you. If you have read this far you are about to be challenged. I challenge you to prove to me that organ dysfunction can be truly dealt with via pharmaceuticals. I challenge you to prove to me that organ dysfunction can truly be dealt with via botanical medicine or any organ cleanse you want to throw my way. I challenge you to prove to me that organ dysfunction can be dealt with via physically grabbing and moving a viscera without addressing the alignment of the body first. The laws of nature and the laws of physics clearly show us that until the force that is altering function at any point in the body is put back in to its intended functional neutral no dysfunction can truly be dealt with.

If you are truly a thinking person you will realize that gravity is our major health issue and that it affects EVERY part of us all the time. We are fluid based creatures. When there is an abnormal force passing through our fluid based bodies there will be abnormal fluid flow that MUST change our functions. Disease MUST be related to gravity. If you are truly a thinking person you will recognize that the cure for disease MUST include consideration of gravity.


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