What Can Bruce Lee Teach Us About Osteopathy?

Bruce Lee6Strange title! I have always been very interested in Bruce Lee. First, and most obviously, as a child growing up through the 1980’s I found Bruce Lee as the most famous martial arts actor. Secondly, and the reason Bruce Lee will never leave my mind, is due to the fact that Bruce Lee was a philosopher that worked tirelessly to disseminate the principles of martial arts as a form of physical expression of the inner self. Don’t listen to me though, keep reading and listen to Bruce Lee in his own words! Continue reading


Identity Politics

Looks Like A Duck

The often heard statement from Brandon Stevens, Vice-Principal at the CAO is “Osteopaths are optimists – we name things for what they like to do”. This is extremely important, in treatment as well as in having an understanding of the world itself. Robert Johnston, the Principal with Principles, has been speaking to students of the CAO quite a bit about his deepening understanding of Dr. Still with special emphasis as to understanding WHY Dr. Still used certain words (and, by extension, concepts) when he wrote. Dr. Still apparently did not like words much as they did no justice to the reality of the situation, experience mattered more. Word construction has challenges…I will go through some here to make a point! Continue reading

Embrace Nature: Videos For Thought

atboneWhat follows are a few videos that are not about Osteopathy…unless you are an Osteopath and you pick out the natural laws/principles that are being spoken about. There is a fairly strong movement that is continuing to gain momentum which is all about embracing nature for human health. There is nothing spoken about that is way out in left field, just how the principles of nature may be employed in a very simple fashion to make human health improve while also improving the health of the planet. The following videos do not feature environmentalists, just realistic people employing natural principles. Continue reading