Embrace Nature: Videos For Thought

atboneWhat follows are a few videos that are not about Osteopathy…unless you are an Osteopath and you pick out the natural laws/principles that are being spoken about. There is a fairly strong movement that is continuing to gain momentum which is all about embracing nature for human health. There is nothing spoken about that is way out in left field, just how the principles of nature may be employed in a very simple fashion to make human health improve while also improving the health of the planet. The following videos do not feature environmentalists, just realistic people employing natural principles.

Just take some time to consider what is expressed in these videos. Whether you watched any or all of the videos there are natural principles conveyed. Mr. Salatin tells anyone that will listen to respect the cowness of the cow or the pigness of the pig…we must also respect the humanness of the human! Osteopathy REQUIRES that the Operator respect the nature of the human otherwise it will not work. If the nature of humanity is not respected by the Operator they are not performing Osteopathy!

Ps. the nature of the human is not exclusive to nature as a whole…so the Operator must also consider the nature of nature! As always, the waters are DEEP!


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