How Your Arms Are Attached To Your Abdominals

extobliquesIn my past as a Kinesiologist I was constantly bombarded by the term “core”. I never bought in to the general idea that seems to pop out of that which SEEMS to be core=abdominals (or, to some people, abdominals and lumbar musculature). At the time I was of the idea that anything that connected to the vertebral column at any level had to be considered part of the “core”…this, to me, meant that any exercise was a “core” exercise and the only question was which portion of the movement was the focus. Now that I have taken up my Osteopathic studies I find, through anatomy, that I was pretty much on the ball. For the purpose of this piece I am going to focus on the connections from the arm to the abdominals, however, it should be noted that the body is legitimately ONE connected unit and that there are no breaks in the connection. Continue reading