Wandering Thoughts From The Inguinal Ligament…

Gray546I have a confession to make, the inguinal ligament was just a meaningless name to me until I was in my second year at the CAO. My previous education had not provided me with a meaningful explanation or understanding of what the inguinal ligament is or how important it is to the function of the lower body. In my writing I endeavor to show that all parts of the body are important while placing focus on a specific area to help illuminate functional relationships which was driven home to me when I learned more about the inguinal ligament. So, for whatever it is worth, I will write about some of the functional relationships of the inguinal ligament. Continue reading


Counting Scalenes (Because Functional Anatomy Says So)

scaleneThere are 3 scalenes – anterior, middle, and posterior. Simple enough. Why should you care? We are going to take a walk through some positional anatomy to figure out why really knowing about the scalenes is important. Continue reading