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osteopathystIt has been quite some time since I have posted anything here. I have been very occupied with my responsibilities teaching at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy as well as my writing duties with the Osteopathyst. It is truly an honor to be able to help students at the CAO as well as to have the opportunity to share my thoughts through the medium of the Osteopathyst. In that light, I will attach links to the articles I have written for any who are interested in taking a look.

Issue 1:

Under Investigation (Explorations of Applications)

Issue 2:

Plausible Mechanisms

Issue 3:

Quadrant Diagnosis

Issue 4:

Anatomical Personality

Anatomy of a System: Respiration

Issue 5:

Why Are You Chasing that Rhythm?

Issue 6:

Simplicity in Principles

Stay in Your Plane

Issue 7:

Classically Progressive

Take Care Of Your Tools

Issue 8:

The Problem With Focusing On Allopathic Pathology In Osteopathy

We Do Lesions

Issue 9:

Sacral Myopia

Flying Under the Radar (or Avoiding Reflex Contractions)

Move Your Body: Keys to Applying Compression or Traction






2 thoughts on “The Osteopathyst

  1. Sam I Amat the point in my osteopathic education where I am really benefiting from your articles. Really well written thank you.


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  2. And haha my hone keeps miscorrecting words. In the reply above it corrected to state that I really appreciated your “arthritis “!!

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