Clinical Observations: Choosing The Right Tool

IMG_0793What do I mean by tool? In the case of Osteopathic Manual Therapy I mean the actual hands on approach which is utilized. There are so many names for approaches that are really the same thing in application with different words to describe them so that will not be discussed, what will be discussed is how to actually choose what to do with a patient in real time. Continue reading

Meditations 8

IMG_0222Do not start from a conclusion – To understand, surely, there must be a state of choiceless awareness in which there is no sense of comparison or condemnation, no waiting for a further development of the thing we are talking about in order to agree or disagree – don’t start from a conclusion above all. (Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Advice for Daily Living) Continue reading

Meditations 7

IMG_0255Concepts vs. understanding – If you learn concepts, if you work for information, then you don’t understand. You only explain. When a man is thinking he stands off from what he is trying to understand. (Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Advice for Daily Living) Continue reading

What Usually Happens After An Osteopathic Treatment?

IMG_0632From the patient perspective, it is valuable to understand what you may experience after a treatment. Now, what I am going to say here is inclusive of the subjective reports received clinically (aka what patients tell practitioners). Continue reading

Meditations 6

IMG_0237Knowledge is of the past – Knowledge is of the past; learning is in the present, a constant movement, in relationship with the outward things, without the past. (Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living) Continue reading