Overview: The Barrier Concept in Video Form…

IMG_1178The barrier concept in Osteopathic Manual Therapeutics is a concept that allows for description of what a practitioner will be able to identify when observing a patient’s movement (whether patient active or patient passive). In describing the direction of bind and the direction of ease the practitioner is then able to access other previously described technique concepts that are either named “direct (bind/restrictive)” or “indirect (ease/preference)”. These are useful descriptions for decision making in a clinical setting as well as repeating manual movements when working with a patient. With all of that preamble the video to follow will act as a multimedia delivery of the overview of the concept.

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Concept: Control

IMG_1158This is my first foray in to using self made videos as an attempt to share concepts in ways that are hopefully useful for other manual practitioners. My aim is to use varying methods of explanation in order to highlight basic concepts. Continue reading

Begin With “I Don’t Know”

IMG_0656The investigative mind seems to require the ability to say “I don’t know”. From the starting point of “I don’t know” investigation may begin. Being honest with the limitations of facts or knowledge is extremely useful…we don’t begin with a conclusion. We may have useful information that points in a direction but, if we are not honest about the limits of that information, we may take it as information that is stronger than the limitations which it presents.

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