Erector Mass: An Illustration of Many Concepts


In this post we have a video that takes a look at the erector mass generally. The concepts of patient positioning are used to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various positions in relation to interfacing with the erector mass. We also touch on the concepts of palpation (especially broad contact/get as much as you can touch).

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OPTIMAL (Theory of Motor Learning)


Here we will speak about the OPTIMAL theory of motor learning that has been put forth by Gabrielle Wulf and colleagues. The key components of the theory are autonomy support (noted as AS), enhanced expectancies (noted as EE), and external focus of attention (noted as EF). These components will be discussed as well as ways that you may utilize these concepts for yourself to improve the process of motor learning.

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Cognitive Biases: I am not the First to Notice…


In relation to my previous post on cognitive biases in relation to research papers surrounding the cranial and visceral paradigms I have had the opportunity to come across another paper that came out in 2006 (find it here) outlining a very similar phenomenon to the one that I seem to be noticing. In the video below I will take a moment to discuss the paper as well as the phenomenon both the paper and I seem to be noticing. This video speaks to the general concepts I put forth in a previous article.

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Mechanical Correlates of Vascular Function…


Before I begin with the premise of this article I want to state clearly that I have chosen to look through available research in a non-systematic fashion looking for possible signals for further investigation with respect to the mechanical correlates of vascular function. The articles I will draw from should not be considered definitive nor should any of the related statements I put forth. Everything to follow stands as a good old MAYBE.

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Cognitive Biases: I’m Not the Only One…


The video shared here will speak about the concepts of cognitive biases in relation to both Osteopathy in the cranial and visceral fields. Systematic reviews of research have found that there is no evidence for the efficacy or reliability of either. With this in mind I will speak to POSSIBLE phenomena driving the continued use of these methods. Please take a look at the papers: visceral paper, cranial paper.

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