Noting Similarities…


Here we take a moment to look at a common method in many hands on practices, leg rotation. As we have been doing recently we will highlight the concepts we consistently speak about as they present in leg rotations.

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Who is This For?


I want to take a moment to communicate a concept that ties together all of the other concepts I have shared over time. The concept I aim to communicate here is that the end user of all of our efforts as osteopathic manual practitioners is the patient. All of our technical skills and decision making abilities are geared towards providing utility to the patient. I mention quite a few concepts in this video that you are free to look at on here or the YouTube Channel (click through to view on YouTube in the video below).

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Mind Your Mouth and Know Your Role…


At the point of writing the following text and recording the following video it will be stated that there is an observable rise in claims about the effects of osteopathic manual treatment on the immune system as motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic. I will cobble together some of the articles that I have seen shared and provide some commentary as to why they don’t say what we wish they did. Before going further, I will state that I am of the opinion that suggesting that osteopathic manual therapy has clear effects on anything other than MSK complaints is very tenuous with current evidence. I will further state that if you don’t regularly read scientific research you have not developed the skill set to utilize it to support your belief. If you do not regularly read scientific research you unfortunately do not know that you are not able to speak on behalf of the research, it speaks for itself and it may be of varying quality.

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