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Good day! My name is Samuel Jarman (Hons. BA Kin – York University, M.OMSc/Osteopathic Manual Practitioner)

As the author of this site, I aim to share my insights in to the growth and development of myself as a practitioner as well as those things I have learned from helping others grow and develop within this profession.

I currently maintain a private practice in 2 locations:


1367 Upper James Street, Hamilton, Ontario, L9B 1K2


167 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 3H6

For more information on my Cambridge practice please visit the Grandview Massage website where I am lucky enough to work with a wonderful team of professionals.

What Do I Do?

I help people improve their quality of life by helping them move as freely as possible

How Long Have I Been Doing This?

I began my clinical life in 2008 working as a Kinesiologist (movement specialist) by helping people improve their active moving patterns and using exercise as a modality to improve their quality of life. In 2011 I began my training as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. I graduated in 2015 and became one of the primary instructors at my school while maintaining a busy patient practice.

How Do I Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Through assessing your body’s motion, we identify the parts that are not doing their job as well as they should and then, with gentle hands-on movements, we help those parts return to doing the best job they are able. When your body is moving to the best of its capacity overall then your levels of comfort increase and so does your general health status.



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