Old School Cranial…


Here we utilize a description of working on the nasal bones from Osteopathy: Research and Practice (1910). The description of working on the nasal bones allows for demonstration of the described method as well as discussion and expansion of the concept. Common perceptual issues on the part of the practitioner are also discussed.

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Cognitive Biases: I’m Not the Only One…


The video shared here will speak about the concepts of cognitive biases in relation to both Osteopathy in the cranial and visceral fields. Systematic reviews of research have found that there is no evidence for the efficacy or reliability of either. With this in mind I will speak to POSSIBLE phenomena driving the continued use of these methods. Please take a look at the papers: visceral paper, cranial paper.

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Model Issues


This post is going to be on the longer side. The aim is to take a look at some available research to highlight the issues with most manual therapeutic models and suggest that we may want to make some professional Gestalt shifts (aka changes in perspective based on the same information).

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Begin With “I Don’t Know”

IMG_0656The investigative mind seems to require the ability to say “I don’t know”. From the starting point of “I don’t know” investigation may begin. Being honest with the limitations of facts or knowledge is extremely useful…we don’t begin with a conclusion. We may have useful information that points in a direction but, if we are not honest about the limits of that information, we may take it as information that is stronger than the limitations which it presents.

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