Quadratus Lumborum – The Masquerader: Because Functional Anatomy Says So

IMG_0784The quadratus lumborum seems to be a muscle which receives discussion without investigation. The lack of investigation became irritating so I took a look at information that is readily available because the QL is visibly small compared to the muscles that surround it. In looking at readily available information I found some answers…with more questions attached.

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Clinical Observations: Lumbo-Pelvic Rotation

IMG_0388Planes and axes…I will have to be very clear what I am speaking about here. I am speaking about rotation in the transverse plane about a vertical axis (the vertical axis being the vertebral column itself). In order to share my clinical observations I will have to be clear about likely motion potentials of structures so we will examine facet architecture as well as soft tissue pulls/connections. Continue reading

A Lesson On Leverage

IMG_0187Let us not be so narrow minded to think that we as Osteopathic Students or Osteopathic Operators own manual therapy. Let us not be so narrow minded as to think we can not learn about our profession from sources that have nothing to do with manual therapeutics. What I will present below is two videos of a gentleman named Rickson Gracie (the most highly regarded and successful fighter from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family) displaying the importance and usefulness of intelligent application of leverage. Continue reading

Because Functional Anatomy Says So #1

Having finished my first round of second year exams a little over a month ago I have been in a bit of a recovery period…it won’t last too long as there are more exams coming up. My intention at the moment is to begin writing about the REASON that there is an order to treatment that is guided by principle (from the base up and down then the center out). Right now I will start with the reason that the neck is GENERALLY worked with in the latter stages of a treatment. Continue reading