An Ode To Reality And The Blurry Lines That Obscure It

Saints RestIt is a necessity to know things that are really real. This is necessary to live a free life and doubly necessary to be a good Osteopath. There is no room for looking for things you want to find, you must look for what is actually present. I am writing what follows for my own good as well as to highlight some things that lay as the basic foundation of Osteopathy. I am writing what follows because I have a need to share what Dr. Still has said in black and white. Continue reading


It is all in the HOW!

IMG_0109Through my evolution as a young Operator the ART of Osteopathy is becoming more and more clear. It is not that it is an endeavor such as painting a picture or taking a beautiful photograph, it is more so that there is a physiological reality of response to stimuli and the Operator is responsible for knowing that and applying this knowledge to the way in which they INTERACT with the patient (physical touch is not the only part of the interaction, the conversation matters as does the general environment…). As Brandon Stevens often tells students at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy you need to be easy on the senses (as an Osteopath and as a human being in general). Continue reading

What Does My Mid Back Have To Do With My Sciatic Pain?!?!

birdplanesupermanAs I grow in my Osteopathic journey, and really my life, it is interesting to note how many things are directly in front of us and easily accessible yet seemingly unused. One such case is the very basic anatomy of the spinal cord and the vertebral column. When looking back through posts I have made on this site I have always made specific use of the term vertebral column as I do not consider the spinal cord as synonymous with it and I definitely do not consider the term spinal column accurate or useful. As we go through this short journey I will make it clear why! Continue reading

The Long Head Of Triceps Brachii (aka: Some More Functional Anatomy)

triceps_brachii220While I do not suggest holding focus on any one area of the body it is essential to understand all parts to be able to see the whole unit as a whole unit! Due to a recent clinical interaction that forced me to pick out the spaces that are created with the long head of triceps brachii as a common boundary I will take a little time to speak about these spaces! Continue reading

It Is All About The Framework

Life keeps us all busy, I am definitely not exempt from that reality. In my absence from posting recently I have come across some very interesting videos that I think would do anyone in healthcare a great deal of good to watch. Before I share these videos I would like to say that knowledge comes about with a good understanding of the principles of what you are attempting to learn. This is as true of Osteopathy as it is of physics, economics, or nutrition. I will post the videos below along with some brief thoughts. Continue reading

The Fifth Lumbar Vertebrae

As with the innominate, and most other structures Marion Clark wrote about, I will not go in to the same depth as he does, my aim is to bring out some relevant information to share with everyone. Before going any further I would like to postulate that L5, and L4, are part of the innominates due to the iliolumbar ligament. Continue reading

The Innominates (Briefly)

Back on to my Marion Clark inspired posts. I may get in to deeper detail on the innominates later as Clark had a lot of detail on the innominate complex! For the moment I want to give a big picture view of the innominates so that the mechanics are understood thus the lesions can be explained. Continue reading