Figure out the Similarities…


Here we discuss direct barrier treatment methods. Instead of describing specific techniques or systems we point to the consistent similarities in application in the form of long holds, patient active contraction, and repetitive articulation/rhythmic motion.

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Indirect Commonalities…


Here we take a general look at the commonalities of BLT/LAS, FPR, and the indirect portion of Still Technique as they are described. The simple commonality is that all indirect treatment systems (even the ones not directly spoken about) are guided by softening of soft tissues as the signal of appropriate application in progress.

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Please Don’t Hurt ‘Em…


Here we discuss the concept guiding the choice to use the direct or indirect barrier in treatment. As the video will highlight, the aim is to choose the method that does not provoke pain in the patient.

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Make a Good Choice…


Here we discuss the utilization of activating forces in osteopathic treatment. The aim is to provide an algorithmic approach to which force(s) to use in a given situation. The video is below, followed by a written description of the concept.

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Make it Easy…


Here we take an overarching look at indirect treatment methods. The aim is to describe the uniting concept with all of the systems in that we aim to make soft tissues in the region of interest palpably soften. “Ease” is identified through palpatory softening.

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How Soft is it?


Here we discuss assessment of soft tissues based on their movement capacity. Many of the other concepts we discuss regularly are included in this video (as always).

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Here we take a look at the application of wedges in treatment. The basic concept is that, in places that the practitioner’s arm, hand, a towel, a pillow, or another acceptable object that will not hurt the patient may be applied to separate surfaces.

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