Are You Sure About That? Cognitive Biases…

IMG_1020Cognitive Biases are an issue. They are an issue that, as individuals, we are poorly equipped to identify in ourselves. They are an issue that, as individuals, we seem to be quite capable of identifying in others. That being said, I may be poorly equipped to identify my own biases while better able to identify them in others, however I strive to identify them in myself (despite the seemingly inherent issues with success in the endeavor). I have taken some time to create an overview of the concept with attention paid to Osteopathic Manual Therapy in the video below…

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What Does My Mid Back Have To Do With My Sciatic Pain?!?!

birdplanesupermanAs I grow in my Osteopathic journey, and really my life, it is interesting to note how many things are directly in front of us and easily accessible yet seemingly unused. One such case is the very basic anatomy of the spinal cord and the vertebral column. When looking back through posts I have made on this site I have always made specific use of the term vertebral column as I do not consider the spinal cord as synonymous with it and I definitely do not consider the term spinal column accurate or useful. As we go through this short journey I will make it clear why! Continue reading


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There is an art to connection

Amidst my mountain of homework (which is surprisingly enjoyable as I truly love Osteopathy) I have managed to shake off a few cobwebs and get some writing motivation. As many people involved in this profession my mind never stops running especially where it relates to exploring the whys and hows of things. Language seems to be a major issue when attempting to understand anatomy as well as applying adjustive corrections to a body because it is easy to get lost in words when one should focus on the anatomy that is literally at hand. In this ramble I want to express some of my thoughts on articulation. So please stick with me! Continue reading