What Does My Mid Back Have To Do With My Sciatic Pain?!?!

birdplanesupermanAs I grow in my Osteopathic journey, and really my life, it is interesting to note how many things are directly in front of us and easily accessible yet seemingly unused. One such case is the very basic anatomy of the spinal cord and the vertebral column. When looking back through posts I have made on this site I have always made specific use of the term vertebral column as I do not consider the spinal cord as synonymous with it and I definitely do not consider the term spinal column accurate or useful. As we go through this short journey I will make it clear why! Continue reading


CAO Student Clinic: My First Time

As with any new experience, I entered the student clinic at the CAO not knowing what to expect. With that classic sense of excitement, fear, and any other mix of emotions you want to throw in there I started my morning as the first person to treat. I wouldn’t call it being thrown to the wolves, the CAO trains you too well to ever really be unprepared. Continue reading