The Ninth Thoracic Vertebra

The ninth dorsal segment is next on the list for my Marion Clark exploration. A lesion of the ninth dorsal is most often an anterior displacement or a torsion according to Clark. Considering the rotational and flexion bias of the dorsal vertebrae this should be fairly clear. From a pathology point of view the anterior displacement is more likely problematic due to the decrease of size in the intervertebral foramina. Continue reading


Time To Get False: The Eighth Rib

The first of the false ribs…how is that? The eighth rib, and those below, are considered false as they do not articulate directly with the sternum but with the common costal cartilage. As a result of the attachment to the costal cartilage the eighth rib is fairly mobile (as are the ribs below it – until you get to the eleventh and twelfth ribs). The movement characteristics can be described as a bucket handle, or upwards and outwards on inhalation and downwards and inwards on inhalation. Continue reading