An Ode To Reality And The Blurry Lines That Obscure It

Saints RestIt is a necessity to know things that are really real. This is necessary to live a free life and doubly necessary to be a good Osteopath. There is no room for looking for things you want to find, you must look for what is actually present. I am writing what follows for my own good as well as to highlight some things that lay as the basic foundation of Osteopathy. I am writing what follows because I have a need to share what Dr. Still has said in black and white. Continue reading


It is all in the HOW!

IMG_0109Through my evolution as a young Operator the ART of Osteopathy is becoming more and more clear. It is not that it is an endeavor such as painting a picture or taking a beautiful photograph, it is more so that there is a physiological reality of response to stimuli and the Operator is responsible for knowing that and applying this knowledge to the way in which they INTERACT with the patient (physical touch is not the only part of the interaction, the conversation matters as does the general environment…). As Brandon Stevens often tells students at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy you need to be easy on the senses (as an Osteopath and as a human being in general). Continue reading

Natural Laws: Eat The Food We Are Built To Eat

I was lucky enough to stumble across this video on Robb Wolf’s site. Please watch it and listen carefully! This MD had Multiple Sclerosis that was advanced to the point of needing a zero gravity wheelchair. Listen to Dr. Terry Wahls talk about her journey and her reasoning behind choosing the route that she did. I will add my own commentary after you watch the video. Continue reading

Osteopathic Eating?

We have all heard that we are what we eat, well there is more truth to that statement then one might initially think. I came across an article on If you don’t want to read the whole article I’ll give you the quick rundown: instead of taking uncountable supplements to reduce inflammation and joint pain, ingest foods that will provide the building blocks (structural components) to drive the process of connective tissue regeneration (functional components). Continue reading

Osteopathic Structural Diagnosis: An Evolving Understanding

As an Osteopathic student (and future Operator) it is imperative that I am able to perform an Osteopathic Structural Diagnosis. What is an Osteopathic Structural Diagnosis? I will do my best to explain with my current knowledge. Continue reading