Keep On Trucking: The Seventh Rib

By now you may be asking yourself “how can every rib have associated health issues?”. My response: every condition anyone can get has to happen somewhere inside of the body, aka everything has a location. As with the sixth rib, the seventh rib is primarily associated with the liver and stomach. A lesion of the left seventh rib is primarily associated with the stomach while the liver will be affected by the rib on the associated side (the liver is big so it can be affected on either side). Continue reading


Why the Long Lever?

Before I explain why the long lever is used in Osteopathy, I should probably explain what it is. The long lever is essentially the use of the arms or legs to mobilize/manipulate any part of the body. I should be slightly more technically accurate and say that the long lever is the use of a body part that is distant from, but directly related to, the part being mobilized (the sacrum can be used as a long lever for the thoracic spine if you know how to do it). Continue reading