How Can A Sacral Issue Be A Shoulder Issue? Because Functional Anatomy Says So!

Mountain-Pose-Anatomy-768x1024Anatomy, anatomy, anatomy…the Osteopath’s most important ally! Anatomy is a never-ending exploration for myself and, hopefully, all current and future Osteopaths. The ability to be able to connect seemingly divergent areas in the body to provide solutions to health issues people face requires an in depth knowledge of anatomy…this is said often enough, so let us now illustrate one such POSSIBILITY. Continue reading


Mechanical Connections: Talus to Sacrum

As I work through my current academic semester at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy I am confronted with a lot of work and little time to dedicate to anything else…which is perfect! I continue to look for information worth sharing so here I go – while listening to an anatomy lecture I had (to me at least) an interesting epiphany, the fibular head has the possibility to affect the sacrum. Continue reading

The Fifth Lumbar Vertebrae

As with the innominate, and most other structures Marion Clark wrote about, I will not go in to the same depth as he does, my aim is to bring out some relevant information to share with everyone. Before going any further I would like to postulate that L5, and L4, are part of the innominates due to the iliolumbar ligament. Continue reading

The Innominates (Briefly)

Back on to my Marion Clark inspired posts. I may get in to deeper detail on the innominates later as Clark had a lot of detail on the innominate complex! For the moment I want to give a big picture view of the innominates so that the mechanics are understood thus the lesions can be explained. Continue reading