Spot The Lesion 1

As I said at the beginning of 2012 I am going to start a recurring series of posts I will call “Spot The Lesion”. As I find pictures that display lesions I will post them and leave the floor open as I want my colleagues to post comments to call out the lesions that they see – this is a chance for Osteopathic Manual Practitioners to show off a bit. The instructions are simple – look at the picture, click on the “read more” link, go to the bottom of the page and post a comment calling out the lesions that you see in the picture! Continue reading

The Second Lumbar Vertebra

Now we head on up to the second lumbar segment. The second lumbar segment is very interesting as it is primarily in charge of the evacuation functions as well as some reproductive functions. I will explain those points soon. Continue reading

The Third Lumbar Vertebra

Continuing upwards it is now time for me to write about the third lumbar segment. I will continue to show that most lesions within the lumbar spine are group lesions and highlight that as the reason for the pelvis being the first adjustment. Continue reading

A Word On Barriers

Disrespecting this barrier would be dangerous

Before I continue, I want to thank Lena Schroyens for sharing an article with me that got me thinking (read it for yourself and see what thoughts it starts for you). The article got me thinking about barriers/boundaries. My boundaries have been crashed through many times as I have not always done the best job displaying them in a way that others respect them. Why am I speaking about this? Simply because I have found another instance where Osteopathic Principles are legitimately principles for all life on earth in all ways. Continue reading

The Fourth Lumbar Vertebra

Now it is time to speak about the fourth lumbar segment – I will keep this simple…it is implicated in pretty much any condition in the pelvic viscera, reproductive organs, and lower limbs. Obviously this will not be easy to keep simple but I think I can manage! Continue reading

Keep Digging in 2012

So, the holidays and starting my practice took me out of my writing mode – obviously! Now I am continuing with building my practice in Richmond Hill and I am going to get back on the writing wagon as well! Here are the big picture things I want to accomplish with this blog in 2012: Continue reading