Organs on a Chip…Very Interesting Insight

IMG_0399Organs on a chip…how might they have anything to do with Osteopathic Manual Therapy? Well, they are essentially models of organs built with microchip technology and, the most interesting part about them, is that their existence is due to the work of the Wyss Institute and, in part, the recognition of the necessity for mechanical motion to actually mimic organ function. Continue reading



IMG_0292Mechanotransduction is the word used to describe the various mechanisms whereby cells convert mechanical stimuli in to electrochemical activity (for a very general overview please click here as well as here). Continue reading

Present, Attentive, Observant, and Responsive

IMG_0233What will live here is my attempt to communicate a concept, a phenomena, that I have noticed through experience that I believe may describe a way to have a positive interaction with a patient (and life in general). I have chosen to string together the words present, attentive, observant, and responsive. With my ever growing fascination with communication I will do everything I am able to make clear the concept I hope to share. Continue reading