Don’t Let Your Success Fool You…


Here we discuss the concept of experienced utility. Experienced utility may be described as a positive outcome of an action. Experienced utility may also be referred to as hedonic utility. This presents a challenge in that, if an action produces a positive outcome its correctness is of minimal importance for future repetition. Just because something works doesn’t make it right or even broadly effective. Please watch the video for further discussion of the possible challenges brought up by repeated positive outcomes in osteopathic manual therapeutics.

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Treatment Overview: Foot and Ankle


In the video below we take a look at the foot and ankle. As usual, we utilize general concepts such as contact is control, relational motion, and broad contact for multi-point discrimination. With setting up general holds that allow for broad contact of the foot and ankle it is very easy to move from assessing and treating one area to another. It is the broad contact that allows one to simultaneously move and assess broad areas.

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Treatment Overview: TMJ


Here we take a general look at the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ). We utilize the concepts of contact is control and broad contact for multi-point discrimination along with others. Please enjoy.

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Contact is Control: Lateral Recumbent Side Roll…


We have explored lateral recumbent through our patient positioning series. With the concepts put forth in the patient positioning series we identified that the table makes stable, less table means I need to make the patient stable, and the space between us is unstable. With respect to those concepts being applied in lateral recumbent we are able to suggest that working from behind the patient in lateral recumbent with the patient’s back close to edge of the table works well overall. That being said, there are times when working in front of the patient in lateral recumbent is useful and, as such, we discuss that in this video.

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