Meditations 8

IMG_0222Do not start from a conclusion – To understand, surely, there must be a state of choiceless awareness in which there is no sense of comparison or condemnation, no waiting for a further development of the thing we are talking about in order to agree or disagree – don’t start from a conclusion above all. (Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Advice for Daily Living) Continue reading


Meditations 7

IMG_0255Concepts vs. understanding – If you learn concepts, if you work for information, then you don’t understand. You only explain. When a man is thinking he stands off from what he is trying to understand. (Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Advice for Daily Living) Continue reading

What Usually Happens After An Osteopathic Treatment?

IMG_0632From the patient perspective, it is valuable to understand what you may experience after a treatment. Now, what I am going to say here is inclusive of the subjective reports received clinically (aka what patients tell practitioners). Continue reading

Meditations 6

IMG_0237Knowledge is of the past – Knowledge is of the past; learning is in the present, a constant movement, in relationship with the outward things, without the past. (Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living) Continue reading

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Psoas


The psoas is a muscle that has received large amounts of discussion in varying circles. It has been called the “muscle of the soul“. There have been many other suggestions as to connections the psoas has between mechanical dysfunction and seemingly correlated physiological dysfunction…that is not what will be discussed here. Before even attempting to consider possible physiological dysfunctions related to the psoas we have another problem, and it seems like a bit of a big deal, we are not presented with any form of consistent agreement as far as the full functional role of the psoas. The psoas is a muscle of investigative controversy! So, let us take a look at some of the available information and see where it points us.

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Location, Location, Location…Where Muscle Spindles Tend To Live

IMG_0830Muscle spindles (and golgi tendon organs aka GTO) are generally responsible for modulating muscular contraction. There are full on reflexes associated with both the muscle spindle (stretch reflex) and the GTO (golgi tendon reflex). Although there are full reflexes associated with the muscle spindle (muscle contracts more) and the GTO (muscle relaxes) we will be trying to find where the muscle spindles live so we may further understand the areas where muscles may be more likely to have more reflexive modulation which will suggest functional differences (and we won’t be guessing…this information exists).

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Meditations 5

IMG_0220An intelligent mind is constantly learning. – An intelligent mind is one which is constantly learning, never concluding – styles and patterns have come to conclusion, therefore they [have] ceased to be intelligent. (Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living) Continue reading