Dose Response

dose-responseThere is a common understanding of a dose-response curve in pharmacology. This is also an issue in general life as well as Osteopathic treatment. The basic idea is that a specific stimulus will provide a given response based on intensity and the same level of response will eventually require an increased level of stimulus through decreasing sensitivity (there are other dynamics where this is not the case and those are noted through observation). This is the way our body learns to ignore constant stimuli such as clothes, breathing, organ movement, constant road noise, and any other consistent stimulus (this is most often done by the reticular formation). Continue reading

Why Global, Local, Focal Matters

globe-hands To some the saying “global, local, focal” with regards to Osteopathic treatment may not be one they have heard. Considering that it may not be a common saying for some I obviously first need to clarify the statement. It is clinically efficient to look at the global pattern that a patient presents followed by the local pattern and finishing with the focal pattern. Said another way it is necessary to clear the smoke to even find the fire. Continue reading